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Weekly Agenda Sept 1-2 

R - Syllabus and Welcome
F - Pyramid of ME

Weekly Agenda Sept 5-9

W - , Station rotation for 1.1,  1. fly swatter vocab, 2 red light/green light, 3. skills practice 1.1, 4 point line plane activity
F- Station rotation 1. pythag theorem work, 2. distance formula work, 3, translating, 4 HW time

Weekly Agenda Sept 12-16

T - Finish Aspire if necessary, Review Stations 1. Vocab 2. Distance 3. Midpoint 4. Notation
R- two Stations - 1. Midpoint Scavenger Hunt, 2. Distance and Midpoint Partner Activity - HW time

Weekly Agenda Sept 19-23

M- stations - card sort vocab, solving equations, HW, Skills worksheet on set up and solve 1.4
W - Stations - parallel/perp/neither, slope worksheet, write equation given slope/point, pythagorean theorem kahoot
F- Review Stations 

Weekly Agenda Sept 26-30

T- Maps Testing, finish CH 1 Test and Vocab Speed Dating for Ch 2
R- Stations 1. Inductive/Deductive Sort, If-then Conditional Statements, Writing Given/Prove/Picture, HW - maps testing make up

Weekly Agenda Oct 2-7

T- Stations - Complement/Supplement, Vocab Sort (pic/word/def), Angle addition and solve, HW
R- Stations - Assignment 2.2, Intersecting lines/vertical angles, segments addition, HW

Weekly Agenda Oct 10-14

M - Stations - properties sort, proofs activity, proofs practice, solving equations
W- Stations - Vocab Bingo, Proofs Practice, and HW CT Time
F-HW catch up time - CT time- 2 proofs for binder

Weekly Agenda Oct 17-21

T- HW catch up time - CT time - 2 proofs for binder

R- Stations - CT time - 2 proofs - - Solving with parallel lines and transversals - Fly swatter angle relationships

Weekly Agenda Oct 24-28

M- Review poster Project, headbands game
W- Mr. Cerpich's students start the test - every else - review and CT work time

Weekly Agenda Oct 31 - Nov 4

M - Mult facts, CT time and finish HW before lunch  - after lunch Stations pythagorean theorem and pythagorean inequalities
W- Mult Facts, Stations - triangle angle sum, triangle exterior angle theorem, CT/HW
F- Mult facts Stations - Pythagorean inequality, triangle inequality, and range for the third side of the triangle

Weekly Agenda Nov 7-11

T- whiteboard simplifying radicals/rationalizing denominators/ HW-CT
R- 45-45-90 station/ 30-60-90 station/ kahoot/ HW-CT

Weekly Agenda Nov 14-18

M - - special right triangles practice, triangle inequality theorem, justification practice
W- more special right triangles practice, then missing homework/CT
F- Review Sheet, then CT/HW time 

Weekly Agenda Nov 21-23

T - Finish/ retake test - Preteach dilations and solving proportions

Weekly Agenda Nov 28 - Dec 2

M- Scale Factor, Dilations, and HW/CT time
W -  Review Dilations/scale factor , Similar Triangles, Justification practice
F- Before lunch - missing homework.  After lunch - angle bisctor/proportional side theorem and Triangle proportionality theorem

Weekly Agenda Dec 5-9

T- Proportional Segments Theorem and Triangle Midsegment theorem
R- Geometric Mean  and Indirect measurement

Weekly Agenda Dec 12-16

M - Indirect Measurement and Review
W - work on in class review, CT, and Missing homework
F- Finish Summatives, then do transformations

Weekly Agenda Dec 19- 22

T - Ch 5-2 and Ch 5-3
R - Ch 5-4 and 5-5

Weekly Agenda Jan 4-6

R- Ch 5-6 and Ch 5-7

Weekly Agenda Jan 9-13

M- Ch 5-8 and 5-9
W- Ch 5-10 and poster activity
F - Ch 5-11 and Ch 5-12 then start review

Weekly Agenda Jan 16-20

R- Lines Review

Weekly Agenda Jan 23-28

T- Parallelograms 7-2 and 7-3
R - 7-4 Rhombi and Squares and 7-5 rectangles

Weekly Agenda Jan 30-Feb 3

M - Systems algebra Practie 7-6 and 7-7
W- Poster activity 7-8, Coordinate Proof 7-9
F - Coordinate proof 7-10 and Kites and traps 7-11

Weekly Agenda Feb 6-10

T- Trapezoid midsegment stations (7-12), quads properties sort, and Guess who game
R - Polygon angle sum practice (7-14) and Geometrica Fights back (7-13)

Weekly Agenda Feb 13-17

M - Review
W - Finish Summative and special right triangles review 
F - Ch 8 -2 and 8-3

Weekly Agenda Feb 20-24

T- 8-4 and 8-5
R - 8-6 and 8-7

Weekly Agenda Feb 27 - March 3

R - Kahoot, Whiteboard and formative

Weekly Agenda March 6-10

M- 8-8 and 8-9
W - reveiw Day
F- 8-10

Weekly Agenda March 13-17

T- Review Day - in purple packet
R- Finish Summative - preteach vocabulary for circles

Weekly Agenda 3/20-24

M - Vocab activity stations and 9-2
W- Game - identify the angle and stations sheet 9-3

Weekly Agenda March 27-31

M- Review warm up, Quiz and Ch 9-4
W- 9-5 and 9-6 then jeopardy
F- 9-7

April 3-7

T- Ch 9-8 and 9-9
R - review and finish anything missing in packet 

April 10-14

M- Finish Summatives if needed and practice solving literal equations Ch 11-1
W- Equation of a circle Ch 11-2

April 24-28

M- Area practice pg 11-3
W - Area of compound figures posters Ch 11-4
F- area of regular polygons speed dating Ch 11-5

May 1-5

T- Surface area using nets Ch 11-6
R - Do the previous days problems using the formulas.  

May 8-12

M Volume Ch 11-7
W make a 3D solid and find its SA and V - Ch 11-8
F - Similar figures ratios of perimeter, surface area and volume Ch 11-9

May 15-19

T - Castle Project
R Finish Castle Project and review

May 22-26

M - Finish tests and Geometric Probability
W - Review Quads
F - Review Trig

May 29 - June 2

W - Review circles
F - Review SA and V

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